Ultimate French Carping, run by Jon Hurley offers you a fantastic carp fishing holiday at our stunning 17th century lake. You’ll be fishing for 12 tonnes of carp with the opportunity to catch a real monster. Prices start from £325 per person per week for drive and survive.

This is an out and out runs water where no one ever blanks – not even you! You should be catching at least 5 carp a day with the average weight range being 20-35lb. There are a lot of upper 20s itching to eat your bait and get them over 30lb.

We offer a range of trips from drive and survive. We can even do short trips to suit you. Call us and let us know when you want to go and we will fit you in. We are less than an hour from Caen ferry. Why waste time travelling when you could be fishing!

Jon has been fishing the lake for over 12 years and when offered the chance to run trips here he jumped at it.

At Ultimate French Carping we promote a fun, relaxed holiday atmosphere. The fishing is easy and the carp plentiful. We look forward to seeing you on the lake.


Come and fish with us at Etang de Pesnel

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