Ultimate French Carping, run by Jon Hurley and James Harrison, offers you a fantastic carp fishing holiday at our stunning 17th century lake. You’ll be fishing for 12 tonnes of carp with the opportunity to catch a monster. Prices start from £325 per person per week for drive and survive.

Our all inclusive package starts with meeting us at our free, secure parking near Portsmouth. All your equipment will be loaded onto our minibus and trailer and then you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

From this point, you will be taken the short drive to the port of Portsmouth. You’ll have time for a quick beer and catch up with the other anglers to discuss tactics for the trip that lies ahead.

Once on the ferry, it’s an overnight crossing that arrives earlier in the morning. It’s then a quick 45 minute drive to the gate of Etang Pesnel. You’ll probably be catching before most other anglers have got to their venues.

You will be greeted by lake owner, before James gives you a tour of the lake and the low down about each swim in order for you to choose where you want to start. Once all the anglers have decided or a draw has taken place, all your equipment will be taken to your swims for you to set up. We supply nets, slings and mats.

All your breakfast and dinners will be included, cooked fresh everyday by the on site chef. Our aim is to make this holiday a hassle free experience with the ability to be fishing a true French runs water.

Ultimate French Carping is a fantastic water.

Come and fish with us at Etang de Pesnel

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