April 2019 – Week 1

Posted Sunday, April 7th, 2019

With no one due here ‘til the 12th I’ve had the luxury of 28 acres to myself – between doing various jobs for the start of the season. The weather this week has turned colder than last with 3 frosts in a row Monday to Weds. Despite that I still managed to winkle out two carp to just over 20lb on the first morning on Madbaits Pandemic boilies over a handful of particle mix and pellet. Both fished on the same rod positioned towards the fir tree on the island – fishing from peg 2. From then on it’s been hit and miss with no real pattern emerging yet – 4 fish have come in the day and 6 at night. The biggest so far was 29lb and the next a 27lb mirror which came from swim 12 right in the margin under the willow.

I’ve had two very close in so although it’s a big lake, always pays to fish under your feet. I’ve seen very few carp show. Those that have, have been close to the margins. Among those capture were also a 25lb Sturgeon and a ‘goldfish’ around 10lb. Both the Madbaits we have here this year, Pandemic and Nutz, have caught this week already so that’s good to know. It’s only going to get warmer from now on and I hope that leads to more carpy activity to report next week.

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