April 2019 – Week 3

Posted Monday, April 22nd, 2019

Been a strange week. Started off with mornings of -2 and then bright sunny days, then all of a sudden mid week the night time temps soared to 10 degrees. The 3 English lads were here til Wednesday. Chris struggled in peg 9 but managed a few grassies to low 20s with his random bait boat technique. Andy only managed two fish but they are the two biggest so far this season – the 36 ghostie I reported last week and a 30lb mirror.

He said there was a difference in the water temp of 10 degrees from last year, which had made it a struggle. Andy’s son Ronnie doubled up with his dad at first and had a couple of doubles and then moved in to 13 after some French anglers left and had 10 carp in 24 hours to 27lb.

The new warm weather did turn on the carp but only in peg 2 where two French anglers spent a long weekend in and bagged around 30 carp to 25lb.  Still not fully switched on and the lack of bigger fish is frustrating but that happens sometimes. There’s more and more signs of bigger carp being active judging by what’s been boshing out in the last 24 hours.

The temperatures this week drop a little and the pressure is dropping rapidly with thunderstorms expected tomorrow or Wednesday. I have the lake to myself so hoping these ideal conditions bring some bigger carp on the feed. So far this week I’ve had a few out to around 25lb and lost 3 big cats.

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