April 2019 – Week 4

Posted Sunday, April 28th, 2019

Left with the lake to myself for a few days I was left scratching my head with what to do. The fish certainly weren’t giving any pattern away so I decided to stick it out and fish the middle from peg 2 in the hope of a better carp. Monday was uneventful but Tuesday brought a cat of around 70lb and a decent sturgeon around 30lb. Not quite what I was after so a change of tactics was required.

Wednesday saw the weather change, the pressure dropped and in came the rain. That seemed to trigger the carp and I saw two off the willow on the island. A hasty pack up in the rain and move to 13 resulted in an action packed 24 hours with 7 carp banked, the cream of the crop a 39lb 8oz mirror. It felt good to see one of the bigger girls banked. I packed up Thursday afternoon much happier and awaited the group of French anglers who’d booked the the lake for the weekend.

They were a good bunch of lads and we managed to have a laugh with broken English and French plus a little help from google translate. To be honest they were more interested in socializing than fishing –  the rods spending more time out than in the water, but they still managed over 20 carp between them to 39lb.

Best story of the week goes to my partner Jon who came over early Saturday morning to help me with some jobs. The rain lashed down and put paid to working so I helped Jon set up in the no man’s land swim of 14. His rods had been out 22 minutes and he had 3 runs, landing 2 carp of 24lb 8oz and a double. That’s what this lake can be like. I cant wait til we have some settled weather and spawning is out the way and then the carp will settle in to some more predictable feeding habits.

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