Here are some of our frequently asked questions. If you have another question please get in touch.

What’s the best bait to be used in the lake?

Ultimate French Carping uses boilies from Mad baits. We’ve chosen to use the Nutz (the name says it all) and Pandemic, a high quality red fishmeal based bait. We also provide cooked seed mix on request. You can order this daily from the bailiff. For more information visit

Are there bait boats to hire?

Yes, we have 10 Deliverance bait boats on site at all times. The costs will be £10 a day with a £100 refundable deposit. All terms and conditions will be in your Booking registration forms.

How much gear can we take on the mini bus when we go on a fully guided tour?

We can accommodate a couple of luggage bags, a bed chair, a rod bag, and a bivvy. Do nut bring mats, slings or nets.

Would there be any equipment I can hire on the lake?

If required there will be bivvies and bed chairs to hire. There will be a set of rods and reels on the lake should you require a whole set but there will be additional charges for these. Please note Nets, slings, mats, and tripods will be part of any package when booking through UFC.

What kind of food will be served on the lake?

With all packages UFC provide there will be a full time chef on site, he will cook home cooked dinners like spag bol, curry and roast dinners and if the weather is good – BBQ’s. There will be a breakfast rolls in the morning and if that doesn’t fill you up we can provide lunch rolls at an additional cost.

Please note if there are any special dietary requests let us know upon booking the trip so we can cater for this.

If I need to go out and buy a few bits would that be possible?

We have mini busses on site at all times so yes if you need to go out the bailiff will be more than happy to run you into the town of See’s that is around 5 minutes away. There is intermache’s and tobacco shops where you can buy anything.

If you need to get away from catching loads of fish and have a break, the bailiff will go down in the middle of the trip anyway and either fetch stuff for you or you might want to come down and see some sights of France. Either way it’s not a problem.

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