In an ideal world, a fishing rule should be summarized in one sentence: “I respect the site, fish and other fishermen”.

Unfortunately, the experience of the past 30 years shows us that for some fishermen what is not prohibited is not necessarily allowed! With all our apologies for the carpistes worthy of the name that will find it too long, here is the regulation in force on the lake of Ultimate carp fishing:

  • The use of the carp sacks is strictly forbidden.
  • Each angler must be in possession of a fish care kit should there be any harm to the fish while being caught. These will be available to purchase on site should you not have one.
  • A maximum of 3 rods is permitted for each angler.
  • Cooked seeds and boilies are the only authorised baits, peanuts are prohibited.
  • Only UFC slings mats and nets are to be used on the lake. They will be issued to each angler upon arrival. Should there be the need for additional nets these will also be available for use. Please note under no circumstances should any UFC angle use their own Nets slings or mats.
  • Any non-angler guests are invited to join the anglers on the lake for a fee and to be pre-booked on a trip. Please note there are B&B’s local to the lake which we would get discounted rates for should you require them for non-anglers.
  • All fishing shelters are to be purpose built for fishing. We will allow green gazebo’s in the double swims as a secondary tent in the summer months for additional shelter.
  • No open fires on the lake. Some of the swims have built in BBQ’s these can be used by anglers should they chose to but they must be cleaned daily and any coals/wood disposed of correctly. (please speak to the on-site bailiffs for more information on this matter.
  • Given their fragility, the sturgeons, grass carp, marbled carp and silver carp will be released immediately without setting on the mats, all weighing and pictures must be carried out in the water.
  • Barbless hooks must be used always.
  • Semi bolt rigs are expectable with a drop off lead system.
  • No braided main lines.
  • It is forbidden to enter any part of the property prohibited to the public and to enter the water further than a boot height.
  • Radio-controlled boats may be used provided they do not cause inconvenience to other fishermen. Other craft are prohibited.
  • There are double swims on the lake these are the only swims where 2 angles can fish on the same swim.
  • All bivvy’s and other erectable items must not block any road ways around the perimeter of the lake.
  • All angler will be issued with bin bags when required please ensure they are filled tied and given to the bailiffs to dispose of.

If anyone on a trip from UFC fails to comply with the above rules they will be asked to stop fishing and potentially taken to the ferry port and asked to leave.

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