May 2019 – Week 2

Posted Thursday, May 16th, 2019

I learnt a valuable lesson about just how quickly a shallow lake is affected by the weather. We have had endless changeable weather here and because the lake is only 4ft deep the water has no buffer to environmental factors. This week we saw everything from violent hail storms to bright sunshine, storm force winds to mirror calm conditions, cold mornings and warm nights. Add to this the carp showing signs of being ready to spawn and you have a recipe for a tough week. That said, Brian was first out the draw and went in the prolific peg 2 and although he only fished days, even though the nights have been more productive, he banked 17 carp to 32lb. His friend Gary was unlucky, despite us all seeing fish over his spots throughout the week he only ended up with two small cats.

Robbie and his son Harry went in 13 and 14. Harry caught 3 carp to 28lb and Robbie a couple of decent grassies before they both moved out mid week to pegs 9 and 10. The dam wall area looks so good for a bite but poor Robbie was left tearing his hair out and didn’t catch for the rest of the week. Harry lost a couple but did bank a personal best grassie of 35lb. Unfortunately it was hammering it down at the time and as we have a no retaining policy on all but the carp he returned it without a photo. Weirdly enough, when he had the big grassie at around 2am, 4 other people were up fish on the bank.

Two French anglers arrived mid week and they started in 12 before moving to 14 and had 6 carp to 28lb. I fished nights only and tried my best to get one from the middle of the lake as this has always been very consistent in the past. I bagged a cracking upper 20 at the start of the week and then went 4 nights with nothing, before moving 1 then 2 rods closer in which produced 3 grass carp to just over 40lb and a scraper 20 mirror on the last night on the rod in the middle. The carp definitely seem to be hugging the marginal areas a lot more than in previous years.

Ben and Martin arrived on the Friday for a long weekend. Luckily pegs 12 and 13 were free so I put them in there. Despite the tricky conditions they managed a mixed bag of sturgeon, bream, grass carp and mirrors to upper 20s between them. Ben lost something that ran him ragged – probably one of the bigger sturgeon.

All in all a very tough week by Pesnel standards, but everyone caught something. The lake is closed this week for routine maintainance. The forecast was for a warm week, so hopefully they’re spawning and we can start to get in to some settled weather and more prolific catches.

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