The Etang de Pesnel

Created by carpistes for carpistes

Ultimate French Carping has exclusive English right to fishing the beautiful Etang Pesnel. The lake is located in a green setting in the heart of the Orne department, in the beautiful park of Normandy Maine.

The Lake 28 acres in size with no bother of cray fish or mass weed beds to fish around. Under the water is predominantly clay with a constant spring feed source providing an existing gravel river bed running through the center of the lake. There is a sunken island in the center of the lake also with a beautiful horse shoe shape providing some real hidden swims ideal for stalking or keeping out the way.

The stocking of the lake is a little unknown due to the quantity of fish in there. There really isn’t a figure for 20’s 30’s and 40’s There has been angler in the past to catch up to 1200lb of carp in a week and that was with rest time in there too!! Upper 40’s 50’s and even 60’s has all come from the lake in recent times but you will need to fish through the 20’s 30’ and 40’s to get to them. On average, nearly every week 40’s and upper 40’s come out though. There have been estimations from the owner from previous netting of 12 tons of carp. This does give us the right to call the lake a true runs water!

The lake has been under management of a few companies over the year which give us the ability to give accurate stats on the fishing. The lake itself still stands to be a truly wonderful place that anglers have returned to year after year providing wonderful experiences. This lake is truly hassle free that caters for all ranges of fisherman from the first timers to France, to the seasoned pro’s that enjoy hearing screaming reels in the middle of the night.

The complex that the lake is set in is completely fenced off with secure entrance gates under lock and key. This enables the anglers to have their own piece of France with no disturbances from the outside world.

The lake accommodates a maximum of 8 anglers with the option of fishing 13 pegs. This will give everyone a great choice around the lake and if you are struggling on a peg you will always have the option to move should you wish to.

Come and fish with us at Etang de Pesnel

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